How to Make Time Pass when Waiting on the Doctor

It seems that a visit to the doctor automatically means a long, long wait. Some patients state they’ve sat inside of their primary care doctor Houston office for hours waiting to be seen. Although it’d be nice to speed the doctor up a bit, it is safe to say that he is working as quickly as he can, trying to provide each patient with the prompt care and attention they need and deserve just as well as you. While you feel terrible and simply want to get back to bed, you must be patient. Here are a few things that you can do to make the time pass by while waiting on the doctor.

  • Take a Nap: When you’ve moved to the office room, why not lay back and take a nap? You’ll probably feel better when you wake, but do have a napkin handy to wipe the slobber.
  • Read: Most doctor offices have a selection of magazines to pick from, or you can bring a book along with you to indulge in as you wait for the doctor.
  • Grab the Pamphlets: The doctor’s office usually has a ton of assorted pamphlets lying around the office. Grab one and read all about a condition that might be of interest to know. What’s better than a bit of knowledge?
  • Meal Plan: While waiting on the doctor, heck the weekly sales ads, plan the meals for the week, and indulge in the best coupons that you can find. Why not save a little money as you sit at one of the most expensive places you can be?

No one wants to wait on the doctor, but it happens to the best of us. Use these tips and ideas to make the time pass by faster when you are waiting to be seen.